Mission, Objectives and Activities


Serbia based not-for profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization


Center for Democracy Foundation is Serbian based a not-for profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization which, along 30 years of operation, has had a remarkable impact in advancing resources for democratic governance and EU oriented reforms in Serbia. 


CDF Mission

We empower citizens for active participation in making decisions on the community development, through enhancement of democratic procedures, rule of law, public dialogue & human rights based approach and through advocating for integration of Serbia in the EU and for regional cooperation


Objectives of the Foundation are of general benefit as follows: development of democracy, spread of democratic ideas, development of the parliament and promotion of parliamentarism, development of democratic political culture, dialogue and tolerance, advancement and protection of civil and human rights, European integration of Serbia and international cooperation, promotion, protection and advancement of gender equality and women’s rights, development of civil society, assistance to vulnerable groups and individuals, humanitarian assistance and encouraging scientific work in the field of social sciences.

The objectives referred to will be achieved through:

- Organizing and financing of public debates, lectures, seminars and conferences

- Editing publications

- Conducting research projects

- Providing support to talented young researchers in the field of social and political sciences

- Cooperation with civic associations, foundations, National Assembly and other state and independent institutions, academia, cultural institutions, businesses, as well as through cooperation with similar organizations abroad;

- Providing support to citizens` associations

- Promotion of culture and protection of cultural heritage and monuments

- Humanitarian activity will be achieved by direct support to vulnerable groups and through projects for their social inclusion

- Other activities related to the fulfilment of the above proclaimed objectives.

Membership in Networks and Key Partnerships

  • Member of ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy), Strasbourg, France
  • Member of FEPS (Foundation of European Progressive Studies), Brussels, Belgium
  • Cooperation agreement signed with Trade Union Independence and with CATUS
  • Member of the UN Global Compact
  • Lead Partner in Regional Youth Compact for Europe, a 14-member consortium of CSOs and think tanks from WB, Turkey and Europe
  • Cooperation with National Assembly of the RS (EU Integration Committee), Government`s negotiation team, Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Ombudsman, National employment Service, Agency for Peaceful Resolution of Labour Disputes, Labour Inspectorate

Organization and Management

Foundation`s founders are experienced and prominent opinion makers in Serbia: sociologists, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, artists, political analysts, psychologists, media experts... They govern the Foundation through its Assembly of Founding Members, by electing the Management Board of 11 founders, Secretary General (Director) and Audit Committee. Secretary General leads the CDF team of young and experienced staffers.

Main Donors:

European Union; International Center Olof Palme; Swiss Development Agency (SDC); German Agency for International Development GiZ; Royal Norwegian Embassy; GMF - Balkan Trust for Democracy; Friedrich Ebert Foundation; Fund for an Open Society; UNFPA


Center for Democracy Foundation works through three programmatic domains:

  • EU VALUES AND EU INTEGRATION – Strengthening Human Resources and Institutional capacity
  • Equality
  • Tolerance
  • Knowledge
  • Accountability
  • Solidarity
  • Sustainability
  • Democratic, civil and European values rooted in Serbian society
  • Rule of law and democratic procedures are respected in the Serbian institutions
  • Citizens efficiently exercise and improve their economic and social rights, with social solidarity as a key value of our society
  • Increased social cohesion and reduction of poverty and inequality
  • Participation of civil society in creation and implementation of reforms
  • Accession of Serbia to European Union
  • Developed culture of human and civil rights, political culture, tolerance and dialogue
  • Establishment of market competition together with development of socially responsible state
  • Expert support to reforms through EU accession process and development planning
  • Inclusion of citizens in consideration of policies and decision making
  • Analysis and creation of practical policies proposals
  • Campaigns and advocating
  • Improving legal framework and monitoring the implementation of laws
  • Research
  • Education and training
  • Publishing activities
TARGET GROUPS and our programs beneficiaries with whom we most frequently work
  • Decision makers at national level and in local community
  • Civil society organizations
  • Citizens whose rights are in risk or being violated and vulnerable groups 
  • Employed  and unemployed persons whose work related rights are endangered 
  • Small and medium size enterprises, business associations
  • Media


- Leading organization in the field of sustainable development, labour market issues and social inclusion

- Large track record in promoting EU values and EU integration of Serbia

- Recognized as credible interlocutor and partner to CSOs, public sector, businesses, trade unions, and international organizations

- Has a large network of partners and associates, in public and private sector, on local, national and regional level, cooperating with government agencies, companies, trade unions, universities and NGOs

- Member of the UN Global Compact, European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA), Platform of Organizations for Monitoring UN Human Rights Mechanisms, Associate member of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)

- Chairs the Working Group for Freedom of Movement of Workers, Employment and Social Policy in the National Convention on the EU (civil society platform for monitoring the accession negotiations with the EU), as well as the Multi-sectoral Working Group on Regional Cooperation, and is member of the Programmatic Council of the National Convention


Foundation is registered in 1994 at the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia by decision no. 022-2373/94-03, July 5, 1994 and recorded in the Register of Foundations by the Ministry. According to the new Law on Endowments and Foundations, it is registered at the Business Register Agency under the number BZF 72/2012. 

PIB 100049904 (Tax identification number) / Unique identification number 17051008