• autor/i: SDGs4All, FCD, CEVES, BOŠ

Serbia 2030 - Many challenges, little time: Is Serbia set on its development path?

„SDGs for All“ Platform

November 2023

Civil society organizations gathered around the „SDGs for All“ Platform have developed a third Monitoring Report “Serbia 2030 - Many Challenges, Little Time: Is Serbia Set on its Development Path?“.

The report represents a comprehensive analysis of Serbia’s readiness to implement the 2030 Agenda and is intended for state institutions and the expert community as a form of assistance in working towards this globally significant agreement.

According to international reports, the Republic of Serbia has shown slight progress towards achieving 6 Sustainable Development Goals and is on track for four others. The most problematic situation has been assessed for Goal 13 - Climate Action, where Serbia is regressing in its achievement. This indicates the necessity of exerting additional efforts to implement 2030 Agenda, where primary focus should be on setting the Sustainable Development Goals within the national context, by drafting the Development Plan of the Republic of Serbia.

Source: www.sdgs4all.rs