• 2020-07-20

“Guide to Public Policy Social Impact Assessment” Coming Out Soon

Center for Democracy Foundation is proud to announce the upcoming publication of the “Guide to Public Policy Social Impact Assessment” coming out soon with the support of the Open Society Foundation. The publication is part of the project titled "Policies for the Well-being of All: Measuring the Impact of Public Policy Proposals through Citizen Empowerment and Participation". The purpose of the Guide is to enable all those who deal with public policies in a professional or activist role, to acquire basic knowledge on how to assess the effects of public policies on society. This means that with the Guide we will receive a lesson on how to interpret numerous laws, rules and other regulations that directly affect our daily lives.

The Guide will give us an answer to the question of what is the word for “politics” and “policy” in the Serbian language. The Guide will guide us to how to access the various data sources needed to carry out the analysis and how we should interpret them.

The Guide will help us understand what the role of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is in defining and conducting policy and how it is accountable to the National Assembly.

We will learn that, although the authorities in charge of presenting public policy proposals (Ministries, Government, National Assembly) are also in charge of conducting official assessments of their effects, their authority is not unlimited. It is based on the principles of public transparency and partnership, which means that public policies are adopted within an open consultative process that includes all stakeholders, respecting their legal interests as well as the respect of public interest.

The Guide will also introduce us to international methodologies public policy social impact assessment, designed by organizations such as the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, the European Commission and others.

Finally, the Guide will provide practical guidelines for the application of "Public Policy Social Impact Assessment – an Overview of International and Domestic Methodologies with a Critical Opinion", which was already published by the Center for Democracy Foundation.

If you are not already familiar with this publication, you can download the Serbian version at: www.centaronline.org/userfiles/files/publikacije/fcd-analiza-efekata-na-drustvo-javnih-politika-pregled-metodologija.pdf

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