• 2021-04-13

New Quality in Education for Gender Equality

LAWGEM project

New Ways for Gender Equality is the name of the conference held 13 April 2021 via the LAWGEM – LAW AND GENDER project in Saarbrücken, Germany, organised by the Europa-Institut of Saarland University.

The conference included talks on the improvement of curricula in the education of lawyers, the position of women in judicial practice, the importance of gender-sensitive legal education, gender quota for political participation through the comparative practice of many European universities participating in this project which is coordinated by the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade.

This conference is part of the New Quality in Education for Gender Equality – Strategic Partnership for the Development of Master’s Study Programme Law and Gender or the LAWGEM project.

The consortium on this project includes the University of Cadiz Spain, the University of Lums Italy, the University of Orebro Sweden and the University of Saarland / Europe Institute Germany. The Center for Democracy Foundation is an associate media partner of the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade on the LAWGEM project.

The most important planned result of the LAWGEM project is the formation of a curriculum that will consist of 17 individual curricula, all aiming to establish/accredit and implement future master studies in LAW AND GENDER.

For more information about the conference click here: https://ei-mag.eu/global/new-quality-in-education-for-gender-equality

For more information about the project click here: https://www1.ius.bg.ac.rs/2019/10/22/new-quality-in-education-for-gender-equality-strategic-partnership-for-the-development-of-masters-study-program-law-and-gender/