• 2021-08-31

Nataša Vučković at the Sustainable Development and Gender Equality conference

‘Recover, Restart, Retool 2021’ (The Korčula School Think Tank)

Nataša Vučković, Executive Director, Center for Democracy Foundation, participated in a gathering held in Korčula, Croatia from 27 to 29 August 2021 entitle ‘Recover, Restart, Retool 2021’, as part of the Korčula School Think Tank (Transforming Politics through a Gender Lens).

The focus of discussions was on the following: Just transition; Green Deal and sustainable development; Inclusive and gender sensitive cities; Forging a new care deal to address inequalities; Social democratic regional gender platform, among others.

At roundtable III: ‘Green Deal and Sustainable Development’, held under the discussion ‘Restart: the what and the how’, Nataša Vučković highlighted the fact that European integration of the Western Balkans is a key issue and the importance of utilising regional capacities to this end.

Within the context of rampant poverty  in the Western Balkans, the fear is that combatting climate change will be perceived by the majority of the population as elitist. It is our duty to help vulnerable groups come to recognise the significance of a green economy and energy transition.

Regional governments are off track when they impose the idea that ‘it’s either development or the environment’. When in fact, the case is that the development of society implies environmental sustainability and new job creation in clean energy industries. In taking this approach to development we are justified in including gender equality as referred to in the Green New Deal. 

This transition must be just. The social aspect concerning the European integration of Western Balkan countries has been neglected. The question is then: how can we possibly expect to ensure just transition or obtain the support needed to achieve gender equality?

We need to encourage intergenerational dialogue, not just political and social; to work with youths, in particular, with the large numbers of young people who are excluded from the educational system or the labour market.

The Korčula School Think Tank gathers women and men leaders from South Eastern Europe and beyond to discuss political, economic, social and cultural aspects of gender equality, as well as women’s political leadership in the broader context of social democratic and progressive politics.

The 2021 Korčula School Think Tank, is organised in cooperation with PES/PES Women, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), SOLIDAR, FES and the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity and the S&D Group/GPF in the European Parliament.

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