• 2021-12-03

CDF: Stop Violence and Ensure the Protection of the Rights of All

Announcement: Center for Democracy Foundation

The Center for Democracy Foundation warns of the dramatic rise in violence in our society and calls for the calming of tensions, adherence to democratic principles and the unconditional protection of the rights of all people of Serbia.

Great divisions and crises in society, increasingly frequent attacks on political dissidents, media representatives and CSO activists, hate speech, intolerance and violence, must not become an accepted and encouraged model. Quite the contrary!

We demand state institutions provide the people with the full right to free expression of opinion and peaceful protests, this means that the competent authorities must prevent any occurrence of violence against activists, journalists, representatives of political parties and all of Serbia’s citizenry.

The Center for Democracy Foundation will continue to fight for democratic, civic, European values, the rule of law, responsible and efficient institutions, and a democratic political culture, tolerance and public dialogue in society.

Center for Democracy Foundation