• 2022-02-20

Announcement Commemorating World Day of Social Justice

In commemoration of the World Day of Social Justice, the Center for Democracy Foundation extends a message of solidarity to endangered individuals and groups and petitions state institutions to provide a decent life for all Serbian people, to which our country has committed itself under a series of international acts relative to social law.

Serbia is a country with prominent economic and social inequalities. The number of poor is on the rise while welfare aid decreases, year after year. Our inhabitants are among the most impoverished in Europe. According to available data, approximately 450,000 people (6.9%) are currently living in absolute poverty and approximately two million people in Serbia (29.8%) are at the risk of poverty and social exclusion. Data indicating the degree of poverty affecting the most endangered population, people living in rural areas, the unemployed and the Roma minority all provide valid reasons for concern.

Serbia is in desperate need of a legal and strategic framework to adequately respond to poverty threats and growing inequalities namely, amendments to the Law on Social Protection, the adoption of a Poverty Eradication Strategy and Social Protection Strategy.

The Center for Democracy Foundation will continue to advocate for societal fairness and solidarity, the right to decent work and life. This is to be done through researching and monitoring reform processes, the promotion and protection of social and economic rights of our people and contributions to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. 

Center for Democracy Foundation