• 2022-03-04

Announcement of the Network of Non-Governmental Organisations - Democracy, Development and Security

As the war in Ukraine continues, day in and day out the number of victims continues to increase, and hundreds of thousands are fleeing the country in search of refuge. Europe is facing a grave challenge - to stop the war and restore peace. The attack of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia only serves to confirm that the military intervention poses a vast threat not only to Ukraine but to the entire European continent. Fear of nuclear war spreads like wildfire, as does the fear that the escalation of the conflict may have unforeseeable global consequences.

This is why we consider all threats of the use of nuclear weapons to be exceptionally dangerous. In our support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and our condemnation of the intervention, we believe it necessary for adherence to international law to be instigated as quickly as possible. We also believe it necessary for serious and negotiations to cease the bombing of cities and halt the use of all military force be held at once. If a quick diplomatic resolution is not found to cease the military intervention, we may end up living in a time of unprecedented destruction, fatality and crime, one that generations to come will remember.

We offer our full support to the people of Ukraine, and our organisation has undertaken activities to collect aid for Ukrainian refugees as well as for the people living in Ukraine who are in dire need of assistance. A humanitarian corridor must be put into place immediately to ensure the rescue of vulnerable civilians.

We commend Serbia’s vote in the United Nations General Assembly, which condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine and the endangerment of its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

For us in Serbia, it is imperative that we maintain our path to the EU and show that we are sincere in our intent to accept and apply European values, the most important among which are peace, democracy and the respect of human rights. Continuation and expedition of the accession process of Serbia should be a constant topic of interest in negotiations with our European partners. 

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