• 2022-04-20

Debate: Green Jobs in Serbia

Centre Dialogue – Social Forum

On 20 April 2022, the Center for Democracy Foundation organised the debate: Green Jobs in Serbia, in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Partaking in the discussion were: Jovan Protić (International Labour Organization), Aleksandra Lakić (Zajedničko Association), Nataša Đereg, CEKOR; Melanija Lojpur (Association of Independent Trade Unions Serbia); Nebojša Atanacković, National Employment Service Serbia. The discussion was moderated by: Petrica Đaković, journalist.

Green jobs in Serbia and the necessary and unavoidable transformation of the economy directed toward green transition open up a number of issues. The European Union has placed green jobs high on its list of priorities (the European Green Deal), and with this debate, we wished to consider the state of affairs concerning this issue in Serbia. Does Serbia have an adequate legal and strategic framework in place to cover green occupations? In this regard, what is the impact of opening Cluster 4 (Green Agenda and Sustainable Connectivity) in terms of Serbia’s EU assession process? Do we have a development plan that covers the economy and economic and societal transformation that is in line with the Green Agenda?

What are the attitudes of government institutions and legal entities where environmental protection and sustainable development are in question? To what extent are the trade unions and employers’ unions interested in these topics? Is there dialogue among social partners and coordination among all stakeholders with regards to this important work? What is the connection between green jobs and fair energy transition? Is there enough understanding that green jobs, in addition to environmental sustainability, include providing conditions for decent work - decent pay, safety and protection in the workplace, healthcare, pension and social insurance? Does the country have incentive mechanisms set for legal entities that protect the environment and the development of social entrepreneurship and the circular economy?

We sought possible answers to these and other open-ended questions which were posed by the participants and media representatives, through a constructive discussion held during the Green Jobs in Serbia debate.

It was pointed out in the conversation that green jobs, according to international definition, must contribute to the preservation or improvement of environmental protection. They must also include a labour/legal component. Green jobs must be decent jobs that provide equal access to rights for all. They must include decent wages, decent working hours, and are jobs where employees are registered, with paid social benefits and contributions, and jobs that are safe to perform. The democratisation of the economy is a prerequisite for green transformation. It is a positive thing to talk about green jobs and it is good that we have opened Cluster 4 in the process of European integration. Serbia is now drafting an important strategic document - the National Climate and Energy Plan, which will outline Serbia’s future energy mix.

We organised the following debate in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Centre Dialogue – Social Forum.

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Debate: Green Jobs in Serbia