• 2023-02-15

Messages of peace and support to our colleagues in the civil society of Ukraine

On behalf of the Foundation Centre for Democracy, Nataša Vučković, member of ALDA Steering Committee and Secretary General of the Foundation Centre for Democracy, sends support to our colleagues in the civil society of Ukraine with a strong desire that peace and a safe life for all Ukrainian citizens be established as soon as possible.

Civil society organisations have a substantial role in spreading the truth, informing the public and fighting for European values, but above all in advocating for peace and peaceful conflict resolution and providing assistance to vulnerable citizens, refugees and displaced persons, deprived of their homes, belongings and faced with loss of their loved ones.

Wars leave numerous consequences as we could experience from the conflicts in the Western Balkans region and many could not have been healed without strong commitment of the civil society. Some of those lessons learnt we would gladly share with civil society organisations from Ukraine. From our side we intend to invite the Ukrainian young people to our “Politeia school” activities enabling our participants from the Western Balkans to exchange views on the issues of EU integration, European values and consequences the war destructions have on the society and the youth.

Center for Democracy Foundation

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/ALDAeurope