Refugees and what to do with us – Possibilities and perspectives of refugee integration in Serbia (1996)

The issue of refugees from Croatia and Bosnia and their future was often raised and discussed as a dilemma between their return and integration. Considering the realistic view of how refugees in Serbia lived and the unsuccessful and long-lasting process of repatriation, the Centre for Democracy Foundation organised a round table with the intention of inspiring a public debate on the possibilities for reintegration and, in cooperation with other institutions, namely the Government of Serbia, facilitating development of a programme for refugee integration. 

Round table discussions reflected on a number of aspects of integration and possible programmes in each of the following fields: legal, economic, social, psychological, urban living and the media. 

In June 1996, the Foundation presented to the public the Initial programme for refugee integration in Serbia. "The presentation of the Initial Programme for refugee integration should be perceived as pressure exerted on state authorities to prepare an adequate programme for refugees, taking into account the realistic assessment that a large number of these individuals will remain in Serbia" said Dr. Marina Blagojević, one of the authors of the Programme.