• autor/i: Dušan Mojić, Aleksandra K. Petrović, Mario Reljanović

Recommendations for Eradication of Corruption in the Field of Labor and Employment from the Socio-Economic and Legal Aspects

Stop corruption that threatens decent work!

Socio-economic recommendations are based upon the introductory text “About Corruption” by professor Dragoljub Mićunović, Review of the Research on Corruption in the Sphere of Labor and Recommendations for Public Policies (Milena Vujović and Ksenija Petovar), results of the research Workers in the Jaws of Corruption: Corruption in Employment (Vojislav Mihailović and Srećko Mihailović), and other theoretic and empiric findings from the area of corruption within labor (more precise – corruption in employment, corruption in saving the working place, and corruption in advancement within working organization).