• autor/i: Ksenija Petovar

Availability of Education in Serbia – Main Issues and Recommendations


„Connecting the Dots“ project 


The right to education is a basic human and civilizational right, established in the Constitution and other fundamental international documents ratified by the Republic of Serbia. This status, i.e., the right to education obliges legislative and executive authorities to ensure the availability of quality, free and regular education to every child at least to the level determined as compulsory (in the Republic of Serbia this is 8 years, plus half a year of compulsory preschool education). Education is key to social advancement and economic well-being, and at the same time it is a condition for the achievement of many other economic, social and cultural rights. (...) 


The project is implemented with the financial assistance of the Balkan Trust for Democracy of the German Marshal Fund of the United States-BTD and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.