• 2017-05-03
  • |  Belgrade

Center for Democracy quoted in the Report 2017/7 of the European Social Policy Networks

In this report, the ESPN refers to the employment through private employment agencies in Serbia. By stating that this area of work and employment is the least regulated, and that in such a situation labour rights of the employees are violated, it quotes the report of the Center for Democracy Foundation “Regulation of the work force leasing in Serbia” which presents the most frequent cases of disrespect of the labour rights. The reports of the ESPN are prepared for the European Commission.

ESPN – Flash Report 2017-07 – RS February 2017. 

The quoted report of the Center for Democracy Foundation can be found here: http://www.centaronline.org/sr/publikacija/1758/regulacija-lizinga-radne-snage-u-republici-srbiji

Center for Democracy Foundation