• 2020-10-08

Youth center Brus

We are pleased to present the "Brus Youth Center", an organization with seven years of experience in the field of youth policy.

Through various projects realized in recent years, such as "Development of inclusive education in the territory of Brus" and "We are different, but the same", the Youth Center Brus is successfully fighting to improve the lives of its citizens. They take special care of young people and through their various activities try to educate young people about basic events in the country and abroad, their rights and employment opportunities. They are especially concerned with marginalized groups and through the project "We are different, but the same" they have enabled better inclusion of Romani people in their society. That is why we are proud that they, with their project "Brus and Youth" were selected within the three-year project "Regional Youth Compact for Europe" carried out by the Center for Democracy Foundation with 13 partners, and which is supported by the European Union and the Balkan Democracy Fund.

The project "Brus and Youth" aims to enable young people to acquire practical skills important for involvement in decision-making processes at the local level, as well as introducing young people to employment opportunities, but also the concept of democracy and civil rights. Finally, within the project, a platform will be created on which the young people will be able to get informed about employment opportunities, volunteering, their own rights and other important information in the life of their municipality. The first steps in the realization of the project have already been made, and a seminar was held on Kopaonik from September 4 to 6, at which youth activism and improving the lives of young people were discussed, where young people were especially active and interested in European Union issues.

Center for Democracy Foundation