CDF Annual Report 2019

In 2019 the Center for Democracy Foundation worked on the basis of the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2017-2019 and in accordance with the Action plan for 2019 documents. All the priorities, objectives, expected outcomes and activities were agreed upon these documents , on the level of Foundation`s bodies and staff. The Action Plan for 2019 was adopted by the Management Board in February 2019. Accordingly, the Foundation`s work continued to be streamlined through three major programmatic fields: Program 1 – EU integration of Serbia, rule of law and good governance, Program 2 – Employment, labour rights and social cohesion, and Program 3 – Public dialogue. Such a programme portfolio enables the Foundation to continuously focus on issues representing the major fields of its interests, as expressed in the Foundation`s mission.

CDF continued its activities within the National Convention on the EU (NCEU), a 700 CSOs member umbrella organization in Serbia, engaged in monitoring the EU accession process. CDF is a member of the NCEU Programmatic Council as well as it coordinates the NCEU working group for the Chapter 2 (Free Movement of Workers) and the Chapter 19 (Social Policy and Employment).

In 2019 the Foundation developed new partnerships, strengthened its capacities and resources and further improved perspectives of its development in 2020. It established a project partnership with Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. CDF together with Divac Foundation were selected to coordinate the Social Pillar at the SDGs for All - Society Wide Dialogue Platform in a three-year project funded by GiZ and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC).

In 2019, CDF became a member of the EU network Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) with whom it has already cooperated since 2018 on the EU funded regional network project Regional Youth Compact for Europe. Cooperation continued with Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS, Brussels) where CDF is an observing member and in UN Global Compact. (…)